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    Good evening Scholé parents!

    Choir class went pretty well for the first day. The biggest surprise came when I asked the students to sing steady on middle C. I had begun teaching them some techniques on projection, enunciation, posture and legato. When they held their note on middle C I was stunned to hear them solidly in perfect pitch without a single detraction!  Perhaps a few weren’t singing, but I was thrilled to think of the potential of this group!

    With the class being held after lunch, it was tricky to hold attention, though most were doing their best. I realized that with the time of day I’m going to need to work hard to keep their focus. That is best accomplished with a goal in sight, and a project that of which they all share a vision.

    Our syllabus contains short lessons, which I think would be a good way to start our classes, then dive into longer song that we could cultivate week after week. In the end that will both deliver accomplishment and keep their attention along the way.

    To that end I am interested to see which students would want to play a bigger role in the song(s). That could mean leading a section to leading solo parts. The variety of ages requires that a handful of students provide a lot of vocal support for the more bashful voices. I just need to know which students would have interest in leadership roles and which ones are either shy or need time to develop skills. Please let me know your thoughts.

    The students will learn much about teamwork and discover their own voice along the way. So vision-casting is the first step. Please have them watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NENlXsW4pM

    We will not be doing this particular song; this video is to show them how their unique voices can join with others to create something far bigger than what they might do on their own.

    Once I hear back from you I will have a better idea of how to pick the best songs. Thank you!

    -Dana Salsbury  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NENlXsW4pM&authuser=8

    “Then I looked, and I heard the voices of many angels and living creatures and elders encircling the throne, and their number was myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands. In a loud voice they said: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing!”” -Revelation 5:11-12


    Letter to Parents w2

    Your kids are spectacular. Today we sang our first round, and they had no problem picking it up. I heard most of the voices. The shy ones will join in once they both witness the fun of singing out, and feel the safety of our class environment. We talked more about breath control, singing from their belly and not their throat, projecting without straining, etc.

    I taught them some relaxation techniques, and the power of smiling while singing. When we sing, the vibrations pass right next to our heart, and we literally massage our own heart. I’m choosing songs that will minister to themselves and others, so they can understand the purpose of the gift they all share.

    Next week we’re going into harmonizations, using tracks to show them where they can go with a simple melody.

    All the Best,
    -Dana Salsbury


    Hi All,

    This week we began by dividing into soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts. I taught the kids about how harmonies work and make a song more interesting. This week would be a great time to listen to music for these harmonies and point them out, taking a guess at how many voices make up the harmonies. Music appreciation will help with the desire to sing.

    Here is the chart of students and their parts. I want to have each student listen to their parts which I identified with a synthesizer. The song encompasses three choruses that build. There are no verses in this version. Your child should know if they are bass, tenor, alto or soprano, but if they don’t, you can check the chart, then click the correct link for your child.

    Bass Tenor Alto Soprano
    Gavin Brown Micah Boesen Ayla Brown Abby Biddle
    Dylan Hoff Ethan Brown Riley Cannoles Mila Boesen
    Jaxon Leander Logan Lair Stella Cannoles LeeAnn Graves
    Brody Manes Vaunne Leander Hannah Fowler Bailey Lair
    Isaac Salsbury Mason Morgan Maci Fowler Esmae Morgan
    Nathanial Trigo Noah Trigo Freja Nimz-Johnson

    Robin Brown Robin Brown Stacey Brown Kathy Shearer
    Melanie Hoff Melanie Leander Victoria Cannoles Megan Morgan
    Melanie Leander Carol Trigo Abigail Fowler Shannon Biddle
    Alecia Manes Kathy Shearer Darci Nimz Annie Graves
    Carol Trigo Courtney Lair Courtney Lair
    Megan Morgan

    Here is the link to the bass part for the song we are doing: https://youtu.be/eOk7nWwLfL4
    Here is the link to the tenor part for the song we are doing: https://youtu.be/VdFcrUfgvvM
    Here is the link to the alto part for the song we are doing: https://youtu.be/xgbE7-jrBd8
    Here is the link to the soprano part for the song we are doing: https://youtu.be/91rL4QpUAiM

    Thank you for your support!



    Hello Parents!

    Today the kids learned how to enter the risers for a performance – with the exception of the risers! So now they will enter the classroom in a single-file line and walk right into position. (Great for classroom management!) The bass, tenor, alto and soprano sections are all together from the first 30 seconds of class, and getting this down will also help with performance.

    We talked about the importance of order, and how the drum beat provides that to music. We also talked about singing with power by emphasizing the vowel sounds of a lyric. For example:

    I Will Call Upon the Lord
    ah ee ah-ah oh

    Who is worthy to be praised
    ew ee oh-ee ew ee aye

    So shall I be saved from my enemies
    oh ah eye ee aye uh eye aye uh-ee

    They can practice with this to help them sing with power.

    Most of them did not practice, so they can use the same link. In learning this song I want them to know their part by memory, so they don’t get lost when the other sections are singing different notes. In that sense their work at home is more important than in the classroom.

    I appreciate the many volunteers in the classroom. I want to release you from feeling like you need to be in there if you are caring for a baby. If you care for the little ones in the staff area you would be more comfortable with sofas, food and fellowship. It would help me as well, as my hearing isn’t very good and it’s hard to keep the students on focus when they cry.

    Thank you for your support!

    PS: Here are the sections again with their links:

    Gavin Brown
    Dylan Hoff
    Jaxon Leander
    Brody Manes
    Isaac Salsbury
    Nathanial Trigo
    Robin Brown
    Melanie Hoff
    Melanie Leander
    Alecia Manes
    Carol Trigo
    Here is the link to the bass part for the song we are doing:

    Micah Boesen
    Ethan Brown
    Logan Lair
    Vaunne Leander
    Mason Morgan
    Noah Trigo
    Robin Brown
    Melanie Leander
    Carol Trigo
    Kathy Shearer
    Courtney Lair
    Megan Morgan
    Here is the link to the tenor part for the song we are doing:

    Ayla Brown
    Riley Cannoles
    Stella Cannoles
    Hannah Fowler
    Maci Fowler
    Freja Nimz-Johnson
    Stacey Brown
    Victoria Cannoles
    Abigail Fowler
    Darci Nimz
    Here is the link to the alto part for the song we are doing:

    Abby Biddle
    Mila Boesen
    LeeAnn Graves
    Bailey Lair
    Esmae Morgan
    Kathy Shearer
    Megan Morgan
    Shannon Biddle
    Annie Graves
    Courtney Lair
    Here is the link to the soprano part for the song we are doing:


    Hi Parents,

    So proud of your kids!

    Today they filed into the room in their lines. They’re more and more confident in what to do. But the exciting part is their growing confidence in singing in front of each other. What a beautiful way to bond with each other!

    I talked more about breath control. Every time they sing the song, they learn how much breath to take for each phrase. I used a rubber band to show them the shape their mouth should make to push different vowels.

    I gave some examples of airy, breathy singing that dries up the vocal chords and reduces the air supply. Alternatively, the sound of a golf ball “ping” is what we’re going for, and I gave some examples. They picked it up right away, and their volume increased substantially! WOW!

    So I’m to blame for their increased volume as they sing around the house. Sorry about that!



    Hello Parents,

    We began with a review of the Symposium choir performance. Symposium taught me that each section needs to hear the speakers well. They launched into the chorus early, which caused the train wreck. So I worked with them on watching me and being led. After teaching them to belt and find their ping voice, we brought it full circle, practicing soft singing with the same vocal support. That will give them a volume control that I can eventually conduct.

    I have found an app that is going to help our singers improve their skill and confidence. It’s called BandLab, and is FREE and available on Android and iPhone. It’s a 12-track recorder, so I’ll split up the song to give every student their own tracks. It’s a collaborative app, so eventually every participating student will be able to hear their own track, the tracks of their peers, and the accompaniment track.

    As you’ve probably experienced, the tricky part to practicing singing is knowing what you’re supposed to be singing. To further complicate this, many of our singers don’t yet have the reading skills to read lyric sheets, so they rely on hearing each other.

    This is not mandatory, though the app can be an amazing tool for uniting our singers. So I hope you’ll give it a try. We will use BandLab with private settings (like a private community in Facebook) so that we’re only interacting with each other.

    Initial setup:

    Watch my tutorial at: https://youtu.be/qp_vvGkGO2I
    I will invite you, based on your email, to join our collaboration. (Let me know if you’d like to use a different email.)
    In the next few days, please download the app and create an account. (I recommend using parents accounts.)
    Join the collaboration, click the music-note folder icon in the bottom right.
    Click Collaborations, then click Join, and Accept the invitation. There you will see the songs I have set up.

    Now your child can listen to the accompaniment track and simultaneously be able to record their own part by wearing headphones/earbuds plugged into the same phone! When they record their part, they can either discard it to try again or save it. After these first couple weeks, your child will know what to do, and can spend as much time listening/recording as needed. After the first week I will update the accompaniment to include their voices so that they can see that they’re a part of team, witnessing the power of collaboration.

    Please let me know any questions, comments or concerns.

    All the Best,
    602-312-8505 | info@legacyhdv.com


    Hi Parents!

    After a busy week Isaac finally had a chance to record. Like a writer with blank-page syndrome, he just had to jump in and do it. Now it will be much easier to have him record. So if you haven’t recorded, no worries. I showed the students how it works in class today, so they will understand the process along with you.

    Something about recording helps a singer understand their voice. You see the waveforms visually, and by hearing yourself in the playback, you can often assess and correct areas that need improvement.

    Isaac was happy to discover that he can record little bits at a time, so he wasn’t overwhelmed by the whole song. It’s also easy to trim away mistakes. You just tap on the waveform.

    We sang our Christmas songs and concluded with John 7:38
    “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’”

    innermost being means:

    the whole belly
    the lower belly, the lower region
    the womb, the place where the fetus is conceived and nourished until birth
    the innermost part of a man, the soul, heart as the seat of thought, feeling, choice

    Amazingly, the belly is where we get the power for our singing voice. I taught how from the sternum down tension is okay – especially when belting out a note. Conversely, they should avoid any tension from the sternum up.

    So If you’re not ready to record yet, let me know if I can help. I would love to walk you through it. If your child is nervous about it, I understand that too. Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

    All the Best,


    Hello Parents,

    Thank you for helping your students record their parts!!! It is so sweet to receive notification and hear them give it a go!

    Today we worked on warmup exercises and various scales sung to vowel sounds. I could tell the difference when we began singing. After working on songs I ended with Psalms 29 per the power of God’s voice. Everyone is born an individual. Sadly many become a copy of someone else. There is a place for you in this world. Let your unique voice. We want to hear it!

    Per the app, I am going to add the students’ names to the songs we will be doing, so when you go in to record, just find your student’s name and tap on that track. I will send out invites to the new songs in the next few days. The kids aren’t into Joy to the World, so I’ll introduce something easier and more in their range.

    When you use the app, please save your progress so I can see how your student is doing. Please also have them use headphones. If you haven’t seen it, my tutorial is at: https://youtu.be/jcFD4cKEJ1A.



    Hello Parents,

    Best day yet. We sang Christmas songs, and the students showed the most focus to date. We talked about the discipline of singing as disciples of God. I also taught about restraining their voice so that they don’t drown out the other voices, but that we are a team. Everyone works together to make a beautiful sound.

    I read Psalm 93 about the skill-full musician and how they can use discipline and practice to make a beautiful sound to God.

    For those who struggle with the app, I really don’t want you to feel guilt about it. Some of the students are using it; others aren’t. So I’m going to provide links to the songs we’re singing. That will help everyone to be able to practice and be on the same page. I think about 90% of our students are singing. Very encouraging! I recorded them two weeks ago:
    Click to Download
    Silent Night in class.wav
    18.6 MB

    Click to Download
    Bailey & Isaac – Silent Night.wav
    29.1 MB
    I’m attaching Bailey and Isaac singing Silent Night to the track, so your kids can sing along with them. Here’s the link for Joy to the World and Away in the Manger: https://youtu.be/VVQpcEj-Bwg (I edited them together). I’ll have them up on the app in a little bit.


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