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    Jr. High General Science was absolutely so much fun!  Hopefully the kids enjoyed it as much as I did🤣.
    A quick recap:  We covered ancient science to Democritus (370 BC).
    We began our day with copy work from Psalm19:1 and then used ink to make their fingerprints in their common place journals.
    We had many hands-on materials to highlight definitions from the book.  I brought in “moldy” bread and a baggy of mud and asked them which one should we use on a wound?  I could tell they all read their book, because they said the moldy bread!
    Each boy had a tray of various plants and seeds from my home.  This was to illustrate trial and error (the basic way of medicine in the ancient times). I kept reading the definition of science to help them to help them to understand what it meant and why the ancients did not fulfill the entire definition of science.
    Then I gave each of them a smooth rock and I had a plastic praying mantis to talk about the definition of spontaneous generation.  This is where we talked about meat and maggots and the definition of science again; if the early scientists would have used careful observations (part of definition of science); they would have seen a fly land on the meat and in turn lay their eggs.
    I also brought in sand to illustrate Democritus’ analogy.  We stopped at this scientist to do our science experiment 1.1 “Density in nature”. We talked about atoms.
    We talked about note taking a how to start an experiment- with a hypothesis!  They impressively knew all the steps to an experiment write up!
    That was my quick write up!
    Homework assigned:
    Notebook Journal:
    pages 22-30
    Add scientists to correct areas (they can use pictures and write a bit about each).
    Read Module 1 and be prepared to talk about more vocabulary and scientists!
    I am thinking we may need 3 weeks to cover this material well.  Please just send me a little text or email on your progress and thoughts.



    In class this week we had fun!

    The boys wrote out their Bible verse: Psalm 104:4.

    We also reviewed from last week. We have such fun discussions! We Did the food coloring “Explore More” Activity. They will need to fill in the details of this in their journal on page 26.

    We talked about Aristotle, Archimedes, and Ptolemy. They will need to add these to their Timeline. They should finish their timeline this week (or try to), since we are finishing this Module on Monday. But if they don’t finish, they will just have a bigger load next week.

    Vocabulary to write and know (went over in class):
    1. Spontaneous Generation
    2. The Ptolemaic System/ Geocentric System
    3. Alchemy
    If they are not written in the journal, go ahead and do so.

    Lastly we completed Experiment 1.2. It is on page 13 of the textbook and needs to be logged/written down on page 411 in journal.

    Have a beautiful week and let me know if you have any questions!


    Week 3
    We started our day with One of my favorite reminders from Jeremiah 29:11.

    I commended the boys on writing about over 30 scientists in their timelines! We had a conversation on this module and how much they learned about the development of science and any of the scientists that they learned about. We talked further into each of the scientists that they chose.

    We completed this module with weighing dimes. We started by talking about our hypothesis on: “How many dimes does it take to make 2 oz in weight?” They verbalized their guesses and then I told them the second part (observations made by a previous scientist): 12 dimes equals a mass of 1 oz. They all quickly calculated who was the closest and what the actual number would be. Interestingly they all three worked together to place the dimes on the kitchen scale one by one.

    The best conversation came up about what their favorite experiment we did was. We talked for quite a while about the lemon and penny experiment! So many things in their understanding came out of this conversation you would not even believe! Luckily each boy took those items home and handled their lemons/pennies differently so we could have this discussion!

    We had some time left over at the end of class (can you believe it?) so we played a game that I called “scientists game show”. Our boys remembered the scientists so well! I was overjoyed!

    This week:
    *Optional Open Book Test
    *Read page 33-39 in the textbook which corresponds to pages 59, 60 (only the top of page-sum up what science cannot do), and 61
    *Read textbook pages 39-45 and do NJ 62-64 on the scientific method.

    Have a blessed week!


    Today was a very fun day filled with experiments!

    Our Bible verse was found in Psalm 111:2.

    We talked about why this verse was chosen. God’s works are so great and worthy to be studied by us!

    We completed experiments 2.1-2.3 and we did one Explore More activity. We had a few minutes to fill in most of the lab report for experiment 2.1, but they will need to fill in the rest of the information for the labs in the back of their journals. If they forgot any of the information, I sent home the lab materials to be completed at home.


    Text: pages 45-56

    Notebook Journal 58, 65-79.

    Do all the reading in the NJ except for the experiments we have not completed. Look over the study guide. We will finish the module and do a review of Module next week.

    Thank you!



    Good evening amazing science families!

    Today we finished up Module 2 in General science!

    We began our day with Colossians 1:17 “And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

    I went over the basic definitions and main concepts of the last part of this module.

    We finished the last two Explore More sections. The first was a fairly simple one that had to do with the Lowell telescope and some bad observations that lead to some very imaginative ideas about Mars.

    The second Explore More was on testing phenomenon that we cannot see, but it’s there! They blew up balloons the size of their hands, rubbed them on their heads and held the balloon near hole punched paper. I will send videos and pics of this fun time we had!

    This week (5) mand next week (6) Science work:

    1. Finish NJ for Module 2
    2. Study Guide and test (if doing them).
    3. Vocabulary words for Module 3
    4. Read Module 3

    Have a blessed week.It is a joy to teach our boys!


    Science class is always enjoyable with our boys!

    Our Bible verse was “Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.” -Psalm 11:2

    This was a perfect verse since we are going to be delighted in more learning and using our careful observational skills to read, conduct our experiments, and in gearing up to design our own experiments!

    We did experiment 3.1 (they need to finish the written work in their NJ 423-427).

    We talked about variables and how to have the least amount for our tomato plant experiments. Our one variable is the soil type. So the boys took home two of the same type of tomato plants and we potted them in different soils. They agreed to place them in a sunny window inside their homes. They need to measure the plants daily from the base of pot to the top of the tallest part (straight up from bottom to top). We are going to water each plant with precisely 1/2 cup of tap water also. Have them measure and water them each day. The green stick is for the Miracle Grow soil and the red stick represent a the Garden soil. In their data collection they can just make two columns labeled red and green at the top and the date along the left hand column. If you want me to make a table for them I can (my computer froze the other night so I couldn’t get to it).

    We covered pages 82-86 in the text. They should complete NJ pages85-86 also. Please have them review the next section to be prepared for Week 2 in the reading from the textbook and have their vocabulary words memorized. Have a blessed week.


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    Today we tested our
    knowledge of graphs and candle flames.

    We completed experiments 3.2 and 3.3. This week completes Module 3 so they will need to compete the NJ for all of Module 3 (87-102). They should also complete the study guide and Test also.

    Next week they are to learn the vocabulary for Module 4 and read the chapter.



    Dialectic Science:

    Today we went over Module 3 a bit. I wanted to make sure we were on track. I asked them a lot of questions about graphing. They came to the board and created graphs about different pieces of data. We finished the Explore More concerning the cookies! They taste tested two cookies with different chocolate chips in them. Then we chose the appropriate graph for the results. One thing that came up was how opinions can be documented. So the first part of their homework was to figure out if the opinions in our cookie experiment would be subjective or objective. I really am trying to stretch their learning in not giving them all the answers and helping them to find the answers in the text also. I’ve also been giving them hints when they don’t understand certain parts also. For instance when we did experiment 4.1 today Luke was confused about how to write the hypothesis. It definitely takes a little longer in class, but I think it is worth it for us to think through their questions. It is okay to not get the right answer in my view. We work through it, they work on things at home in their books and journals, and then we revisit it the next time in class for greater understanding.

    1. Cookie experiment opinions-subjective or objective?
    2. Read Module 4.1 (if they haven’t-fairly short). Pages 87-108 in text
    3. Lab 4.1 write up in NJ 437-442.
    4. Review Vocabulary
    5. Notebook Journal 106-122
    6. On Your Own in NJ can be found in the textbook on pages: 89, 91, 95, 97, 101, 106, & 108.
    7. Study Guide and Test for Module 4
    8. Review Vocabulary for Module 5.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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