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    Our Little Learners had an amazing first day back!

    The way they seemed to fall right into the routine tells me that it is appropriate for their needs.
    They did an amazing job sitting in AM circle time listening for their names to see what helper they were going to be!  I knew as soon as we went inside we would loose the boys when it came to our books of the day!  We are focusing on the days of the week (sung to the Adams Family Song) found in a cute cat book called, “Cookie’s week” and the color blue in “My Blue Boat”.   If you have a chance to check these out at the library, they are well worth it!
    They all played very nicely together!  They are all a sweet group of kids.  We are working on a few important things.  The first is patience.  There were not any problems with this; it is the character trait we are working on.  If they get impatient at home, just sing, “I am patient, I am patient, yes I am, yes I am…” to the tune of “Frere Jacques”.  We are also focusing on our helpful hands- cleaning up after ourselves, helping pick up toys, etc. in the classroom too.
    I sent home many things today!  The boats (pool noodle, popsicle sticks and sail-can color) really do float.  I sent home a schedule for adventure bunny and show & tell bag with an explanation. They have their pencil boxes in their backpacks (beware of scissors).  The homemade spiders are to wipe off their Expo marks that they make on paper in the sleeves and laminated names papers.  The papers sent home were from the “My Blue Boat” book.  Mainly we just focused on the sounds of letters and beginning sounds in words (especially g letters/words), the number 1 (notice they put 1 moon on their “Starry Night” paintings), and the color blue (add a little blue food coloring to bath, play with blue play dough, paint with blue paint in the bath and add blue toys).
    Have an amazing week!


    Little Learners
    We had such a great day! Today we played on the playground with red!

    Circle time: phonics name songs/chore charts, we read: Jesse Bear, What will you wear?, and sang the “Days of the Week” song (Adams Family version). Gemma found the #2 tile under a cup!

    Open Play:
    Red play dough (thanks to Mrs. Shearer!),
    Sorting Pom Poms and bears
    We also did our first “This is me in September” where they looked in a mirror, and colored. My favorite one was my daughter’s “this is our messy house”-proud mommy moment! By the way, today was this first day (ironically) that we have left the house clean since we started Scholé!

    We talked about the letter C for cheerfulness and the opposite crying. We read from our ABC Bible book.

    Later on we read, “The Carrot Seed”, looked at carrot seeds and a carrot with the stem also. We also looked at a celery stalk.

    Later, we had our music time. Apparently very loud, since Abby heard it in her room.

    We looked at a large poster of Georgia O’Keefe’s “Poppy” and the painted with Red…hence the red items added to their pencil boxes! At home we are reading and doing some activities with Little Red Riding Hood.

    Have a Blessed Week!


    Little Learners,
    These kids are just so fun! Even though I would say the weather affected most of our children today…I truly just love talking and listening to them!

    They had some sea glass under their circles at circle time! Our letter is Aa for asking (praying to God), the number 3, and we had a review of the colors. We read the book, “Surprise Summer”. I added a bit to the ending to how she could ask God to help her with her decision.

    Then we came inside for snack and cupcakes to celebrate Gemma’s birthday!

    The kids really enjoyed play dough, puzzles, blocks, and sorting bears. They missed their outside time due to rain and that alone can shift behavior. They were amazing at picking up toys when it was time to clean up and that alone was a wonderful thing! After nap the children enjoyed listening to a book about apples and trying 3 different kinds!

    We played with more play dough, music, and they colored sea shells while I read a book about shells.

    We ended with our good bye song and we played, “Mouse, Mouse which colored house are you hiding in?” We are working on taking turns and colors! We played this many times and they did not seem to grow bored (just s but impatient for their turn). This will come in time (not after 3 weeks) and they are doing amazing!

    Gemma brought in her show and tell today and Addison had a great story to tell about Adventure Bunny! I completely expect an adventure when I designed this, so please do not worry if you happen to be the one that something happens to it…I am not worried about it. It makes for a great story; and that is what this is all about!!! Reading, Writing, and Verbally Sharing (when they are ready)! Enjoy the journey!

    I have sent home a packet (no new supplies) and a baggy full of sink and float items. Nala was so excited to do these that we did them when we got home. I hope your kiddos are enjoying the weekly things as well. If not, just let me know and we can save a few trees until you think they are ready. It is all your call. I love all the communication and feedback I get from you!

    Wishing you all a blessed week!


    Hello all!

    We had such a peaceful day of fun learning!

    To keep it short, everyone was in great spirits. We talked about the number 4, letter T for being Thankful, and the color yellow. I sent home yellow items (Nala was super excited when I blew up the yellow balloon; and I hope yours will be just as excited)! We read the book, “Yellow Ball”; which is why I sent home a little yellow ball.

    I do regret I had to leave early since we had a tortilla snack/book to read and a fun Kandinsky art lesson.

    I look forward to next week with your beautiful children and the color green!

    Thank you!


    Good evening!

    The Little Learners had a very fun and active day!

    Letter S for 🐍 , skunk, and sing 🎤 -when you are happy 😃 or sad!

    Number 5:Addison counted 5 🐝 . Sadie also counted the days-7th of October!

    Our color is green this week. I have included your green colors in the kids’ 🎒. The bad news is -I did not include the packets for the 📖. I even had a cute activity to go with it🤦🏼‍♀️. So next week!

    Speaking of next week!!! We got some footage of our beauties sailing the ocean blue in 1492. The kids colored Columbus Day hats and we will display the video next week at symposium! Calyne is my techie and is going to put it all together.

    We had a green am snack of 🥝 and green 🍇 with animal crackers and in the afternoon Miss Samantha read a really fun book about Tortilla’s and shapes. They sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on a buttered tortilla for a tasty treat!

    Our final activity was painting a Kandinsky painting, called “Celestial Bodies” image1.jpeg

    They all painted it their own way! They had straws, paper towel tubes, cups, and pom poms on clothespins to 🎨 with the primary colors. The ended up painting on white or black paper, their cups, and plates (oh and lots of squishy hands too!). A big thank you to all the extra hands for nap time and messy art time!

    Next week the little ones will have the same schedule as usual only a shortened day! So we will follow the same schedule as usual up to lunch time. They get pretty tired, so I will bring in a Veggie Tales movie for the end of day. It is a party day with lots of eating and playing 😁!!! They don’t need a lunch (unless you want to) since we will be feasting on fun Columbus Day food!

    Blessings for a great week!


    It was so good to see everyone back today! The kids had lots of fun with pumpkins and wearing their dress up clothes today!

    We read pumpkin books, ate pumpkin food, did pumpkin science, and I sent home lots of pumpkin fun! If you have any questions about the things sent home, just ask! Please check all pockets in their 🎒 (paint, glue, and many orange things to write with)!

    Next week is: invite a Veteran to class 9:30-10!
    Please let me know if any of you have anyone coming so I will have enough food to share!

    Have a blessed week!


    Amazing Little Learners Families!

    Thank you so much for inviting all of our very special Veterans to visit our little ones in class! It was such a special time for everyone😊.

    We played with some fun toys that had to do with the land, air, and sea. I showed them all pictures of each branch of the military and we talked about where each branch “works” (generally).

    We shared cupcakes and fruit with our veterans (they also had Goldfish crackers).

    Later that day we ate a vegetable tray…really an entire tray of veggies!!! We also had crackers and read, Vegetables. Then we painted our special wooden gliders.

    Have a blessed day!


    Today was a very fun day! We played on the playground and then had circle time. We read our Bible ABC book with the letter F for forgiveness. Our verse came from Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to each other, tender hearted, forgiving one another. It is also for FEAST! Our number is 9. Gemma was the “bee counter” and she handed out orange leaves (in your child’s backpack). The children really enjoyed the book “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey”. Then we went inside for rolls and turkey…and cupcakes for Addison’s birthday! The children put beads and Cheerios on a brown pipe cleaner (our color of the week). At one end there was a wooden bead containing the letter F.

    Later we popped bubbles (care of Mrs. Shearer!), finger painted with fall colors, and had a fun music time with instruments, scarves, and leaves.

    It was a wonderful day thanks to all of the helping hands! I am so thankful for all of you!

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,

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