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    Class Summary for 1/28/2019

    Hello Upper and Lower Grammar Botany Families!

    Copywork: He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. Psalm 1:3

    Josiah presented on and brought in the Narcissus Paperwhite flower
    Isaac presented on and brought in pussy willows.
    There was great information shared for us all to learn. ❤️

    We classified all sorts of leaves. We used our journals and identified leaf arrangement, leaf margin, leaf shape, and leaf venation. They had a real hands-on experience with several leaves to get familiar with the process of classification. They can finish their journal activity pages with leaves around their house.

    Pretty good day, even though it was awfully quiet missing our two gentlemen. 😉 ❤️

    In the book, there is an activity that they can do that removes everything of the leaf except for its veins. I have washing soda for you all if you want to do it. Hopefully we will bring in our examples.

    We didn’t have time to talk about our Botany symposium activity. We won’t be doing a Humanities one, so hopefully no one will be overwhelmed. I have talked to all three moms about the idea already. I will discuss it more next week, and I will bring materials as well. Please watch the link provided, which is the book that we will be reading and “acting out”. I want everyone familiar with it. I plan to bring poster boards with drawings that everyone can take a part in to get them colored. I will also have a list of items that we will need to bring (to symposium), so everyone can be responsible for some part. It should be fun and cute.

    No reading this week
    Be prepared for ZING DING or review game, if we have time. Please bring text books as a reference.
    Finish classifying leaves
    Free to finish any remaining activities
    Watch video

    Have a wonderful week!
    Love, Melana


    Class Summary for 2/4/2019

    Hello Upper/Lower Grammar Families

    We started with a quote from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. “I know it may seem small and insignificant, but it is not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.” ❤️

    We spent pretty much spent the whole class planning for symposium. It went alright, but we did need more time. (Surprise. Surprise.) We went through the whole script and assigned responsibilities. We went fast, but I will be sending out the finalized list of responsibilities, hopefully today. I decided to let them (make them) read a few lines, which they can write on the back of their boards. I will also be reading some, but I figured that we should mix it up.

    We also were the audience to a very well-designed activity by Luke. Thank you so very much, Luke, for how much work you put into it. I wish that we could have given you at least 20-30 minutes. It was just great!!!

    Regarding what to do during our break…
    Well, I have some planning to do, not only for when we get back, but also for the rest of the year. I plan to do the next chapter (Chapter 8, Roots), so let’s read at least to page 111 in the book.

    There is so much that comes from the book and journal that can’t be done in class. I hope you can complete some activities (even older ones) and maybe present them next block.

    Also, since our next chapter is on roots, maybe you all can be on the lookout for examples of roots. Let me know if there is anything you can bring in to show us. Thank you!

    Mrs. Salsbury


    Class Summary for 2/25/2019

    Hello Botany families!

    We talked about ROOTS from chapter 7.
    We started the message in scripture about firmly planting ourselves in God’s truth and letting our roots drink in the nourishment from HIM. Colossians 2:7. That was our copywork as well as our devotional today.

    I had some examples of tulip roots and a hyacinth with its roots exposed. (I love Trader Joes!) I use the excuse of Botany to buy cool flowers. 😆 The orchid that the Biddles gave me a couple of weeks ago has super cool roots, too. I don’t want to ruin it, but I read that since their roots are rhizomes, I could separate them and new plants would grow!

    We recapped what they read about over break as well as learned the difference between taproots and fibrous roots. I asked them to do some research to find the coolest examples of roots they could find. I would love to see what they find. Optional, of course. Check out those banyan trees and mangroves. So amazing!

    I set them up to try out a couple of experiments. I gave them the materials so that you all don’t have to go out and get the supplies. Our lives are too busy! I will attach the links for you to walk them through it. I explained the activities to them, but you may want to know what they are to do. It may take some time to see any progress, but they are to observe their experiments each day and keep track of any activity. Then have them be prepared to share on Monday, even it’s nothing. 😉

    For the sweet potato, choose one of the following

    Science for Kids: Sprouting Sweet Potatoes


    For the green onions:
    Simply remove the root end of the vegetable, and place it root-side down in a shallow dish of water for about a week. Change out the water every couple of days as necessary, and be sure to not let it dry out. After several days in the water, new roots should be forming underneath, and the top should show signs of new growth from the center.

    I’m hoping to do an additional week on the roots lesson, so we probably won’t do Zing Ding next week. I will confirm this once I get a chance to plan more. I would LOVE to see some presentations on roots next week. Hint Hint

    Finish reading chapter 7
    Anything you want to do from the journals.
    What did they learn about roots this week?? Please share! ❤️


    Class Summary for 3/4/2019

    Hello Botany Families!

    Today’s copywork:
    You have planted them, and they have taken root;
    they grow and bear fruit.
    You are always on their lips
    but far from their hearts.
    Jeremiah 12:2

    We reviewed lesson 7 on roots. I showed them some amazing images of roots. Wow God!

    Today was an exploratory day. I brought in several plants/flowers to observe and study. We also did a little dissection. It’s good for kids to get their hands dirty, right? ❤️ I hope they had fun. Sorry for the stinky tulips, Luke, 😉

    Next week, we will play Zing Ding. Any activities in the journal are available for you all to complete. I want to hear about their potatoes and onions. Have them keep track of progress.

    I also sent home an ivy section for them to see if they can get a root to start. Just place that little leaf in water and you should see roots grow. You can also place them in soil if you want to grow a plant. I just wouldn’t recommend letting them grow wild due to their unruliness. 😉 I think it would be cool to do the water first instead of the soil so that the root growth can be witnessed.

    Complete Lesson 7
    Prepare for Zing Ding
    Presentations anyone?
    Go weeding! 🤣


    Class Summary for 3/11/2019

    Thank you for all of the presentations!

    Our copywork and devotion was about how we were grafted into the chosen ones like the olive branch can be grafted into an olive tree.

    After our presentations, we played Zing Ding! Always a lively and energetic game! 😉

    We will move on to Lesson 8. They can read through page 121. The remaining pages in the lesson may be done in class, so try not to give away what we may do
    Not exactly sure what I’m doing for the next class, but we may do the Phototropism activity and celery experiment as well as some activities in the journal. I’m also planning to have Dana come in some time to teach the class how to draw some nature items in their journals. Not sure when he will have time, but I’ll give you a heads up.

    I hope you have a great week. This rain will make it great for more weeding soon. Haha😂

    Love, Melana


    Class Summary for 3/18/2019

    Hello Botany Families

    Our copywork was Isaiah 41:10. We talked about how God strengthens us like the stem of a plant.

    Bailey presented a rose that she grew. Logan shared the progress of his green onion. Luke (’s mom) sent in pictures of the progress of their ivy, potato, and onions. I shared the progress of our potato. It’s just been so fun to watch God’s creation in action!

    We were to have read Lesson 8 on stems last week. We dissected celery (while some tried to eat it 🙄). We could see the vascular bundles which consisted of xylems and phloems. I showed them celery that had been sitting in colored water to show how the celery clearly absorbs the water. We dissected (decimated) celery to see how it grew and absorbed the water.

    Next week, I am hoping to have Dana come in to demonstrate some simple techniques to drawing nature. If he can’t, then we will probably play zing ding. Have them study the chapter just in case. Also, bring those nature journals just in case. I will send out a reminder on Sunday if he is going to be able to make it.

    I talked about how I went out for a short walk and noticed SO MUCH new growth. I even brought in some examples. I just get so exctied when I see it happening. It’s a good time for a nature walk!

    Complete Lesson 8 if you haven’t yet.
    Please wait until next week to complete any journal activities as we may do some in class.
    Go outside and see how everything is waking up!

    Love, Melana


    Class Summary for 3/25/2019

    Hello Botany Families!

    Today we did Romans 1:20 for copywork.
    For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

    We can understand more about our Creator by studying His creation. He has made Himself through His creation. No excuse.

    Then we had a guest artist, Dana Salsbury (my husband), come in and teach how to draw. He taught us about light drawing to create the desired shape, how to show where light comes from and shadowing. He also demonstrated the drawing grid system to help spacial awareness while drawing. I was thankful that he came in. We probably tried to do too much in one class, and Dana was in shock at how fast the class went! Hahahahaha!!!! Right?!?!

    For the very last day of next block (not symposium), we will have a science fair for our class. Everyone needs to choose a topic and check in with me. I don’t want any repeats. Since botany experiments take time to see any changes, they will want to pick their topic early and then plan out how they will need to demonstrate their desired results.

    We are going to jump ahead to Lesson 13 and learn about Nature Journaling ideas. I hope that they can go out and enjoy our beautiful spring weather while observing God’s creations. I ask that everyone brings an entry or two to share with the class when we return. We will come back to the rest of the chapters after break. They have learned a lot about trees/plants and maybe now they can apply some of their knowledge and recording their discoveries. God has so much to show us about Himself through His creation.

    Pick out a botany experiment to do in time for the Science fair on the last day of class.

    As always, I’m here for whatever you need.

    Blessings, Melana


    Class Summary for 4/15/19

    Hello Botany Families!
    Copywork: John 12:13

    This week, Josiah, Isaac and Bailey presented. Bailey gave us carrot flowers from which we can get carrot seeds after they dry! That was so fun! Thank you Bailey (and Mrs. Lair)! And one of our young guests did an impromptu presentation on Bearizona. I love how talking in front of their peers is done with such ease.

    We get to start Lesson 9 on Trees this week. Next week I hope to do the tree measurement activity and do a nature walk to observe twigs and barks (and do a bark rubbing).

    I talked about our Science Fair that we will be doing on the last day of this block. Not during symposium. There should be at least a detailed scientific method report. State the purpose, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results and conclusion. Pick an experiment to do related to botany. Report to me what it is so that there are not any repeated experiments. Figure out how long everything will take and plan accordingly. They can draw or take pictures of the process of their experiment and be prepared to relate their experiment to the class on the last day. Again, let me know how I can help.

    Read Lesson 9 on Trees
    Pick a topic for Science Fair, let me know what it is, and then make a plan and/or get started.

    Have a blessed week!
    Love, Melana


    Class Summary for 4/22/19

    Hello Botany families!

    Copywork: 1 Peter 2:24

    We reviewed some of lesson 9 on trees such as the purpose of trees, oxygen and air purification facts, and vocabulary. We referred to a diagram in the book on the twig anatomy.

    I brought in some blooming branches (twigs) and we got a close up on the twigs. We then took some time to draw our twigs for our journals. Everyone got a twig to bring home (hopefully they survived the heat). They should continue to bloom if they put it in water.

    Logan did an impromptu presentation on sap from the mesquite tree. I was just thrilled to see how easy it was for him to get in front of his peers and present. It’s just beautiful.

    I’m still planning to go on a nature walk (next week?) to do bark rubbings, to identify trees, to measure tree height, etc. We are moving along to lesson 10 on gymnosperms, but we are just sort of combining the two lessons into one. Don’t do the journal activities I just mentioned in case we get to do them next week.

    Homework: Lesson 10. Please take the time to read. It really helps our discussions and reviews. Plus, we will be doing Zing Ding in two weeks going over both lessons. It’s so much more fun to really compete because everyone knows the answers! ❤️
    Other journal activities other than the ones mentioned above.

    I hope you have a wonderful week. Let me know how I might help.
    Love, Melana


    Class Summary for 4/29/19

    Hello Botany Families

    Copywork: Psalm 96:12

    We talked briefly about their science fair projects and about how the rest of the year will look. They should have read Chapters 9-10 by now. Next week we will play Zing Ding using the information from those chapters. In addition, on page 144 in their textbooks, there are two writing assignments (a persuasive speech or a story). They have been told to choose one to read to us next week. Anything is fair game to complete in their journals now.

    Today we went out and identified some trees and did some bark rubbings. The sun was behind the clouds, so the temperature was quite nice. It was fun to have my little class walk along the campus and look at nature. Oh, we also ate some Palo Verde flowers since they are edible (according to Courtney). That was so fun.

    Finish Lessons 9/10 (Read and complete any activities that you wish to assign)
    Study for Zing Ding
    Write a persuasive speech or story. See page 144 in textbook for directions.
    Prepare for Science Fair (it will be presented on the last day of class – May 13)

    Have a great week! Let me know how I can help!
    Love, Melana


    Class Summary for 5/6/2019

    Hello Botany Families!

    Copywork: Matthew 7:17-18

    We had 3 students share their stories. I reminded them about having the answers to questions so that they can win people to Christ. Thinking through things like Creation and the Flood and being to back up their beliefs is huge!

    Then it was time for ZING DING! Fun was to be had all around! 🤣

    We discussed how to prepare for their Science Fair next week as well. They should write out somewhere on their tri-fold board or poster board, whatever works best, the scientific method. They are to walk us through the process they went through, even their failures. And of course tell us what they learned throughout the process. Something interactive is fun but not necessary. I hope everyone is on track. We ourselves are floundering because it turns out that not watering your plants kills them! Who knew?!?!? 😆

    There is no other work this week for class. You are welcome to do any and all activities left in the book. We did not read chapters 11-12 due to the nature of the type of plants discussed. I am going to have my boys read it after Schole is done.

    Let me know if I can help!
    Love, Melana


    Hello Botany Families

    It was science fair day, and it was AWESOME!!!! They did great! Think about how much they learned preparing for this project. There were so many lessons and skills gleaned from the process. I get giddy (sort of like a nerdy botany teacher giddy) about what they did. 😂

    As a reminder, we did not do lessons 11-12 because we didn’t have any experiments/activities to since since we didn’t live in a wetter climate. I am going to finish the lessons with the boys this summer in Washington. Whatever works for you as a family, I hope they get a chance to learn about those wetter plants.

    I love you all! It’s been a wonderful year. Blessings!
    Love, Melana

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