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This page is designed as a “hub” for your Scholé Group’s website manager. If that’s you, welcome! We’re excited to give you a template designed for functionality and ease of use in addition to elegance.

The Scholé Groups Network provides you with a website template, fully customizable for your group. If you are looking for assistance with setup, customization, or web maintenance, please reach out to one of our recommend website support specialists. Find more information here.

Below is an overview of this website, along with recommended resources and training videos, and the terms and conditions you agree to by using this website template.

About Your Website

wordpress logo1. Your new website is powered by WordPress, the platform responsible for ~27% of websites.


Why did we choose WordPress?

  •  It is easy-to-use
  • It is extremely well-supported by a large community of developers, designers, and users
  • It is an open-source platform, meaning that anyone with some programming ability can make changes to the website code.


WordPress started as a blogging platform (and is very good for that) but has grown to be a platform that can be used for just about anything.  If you are new to working with websites, we think it will take you about 4-6 weeks of training and poking around the site to be generally competent managing and maintaining the site. If you already have worked with WordPress, other blogging platforms, or other website platforms, then you should be competent in far less time.

If you are new to WordPress, there are two main ways you can get some training:


  • You can always find free online training on Youtube. Many users and developers post “how to” videos on Youtube. Here is what a Youtube search for “WordPress Basic Training” turns up: Youtube WordPress Training
  • We highly recommend professional training by You will get excellent, up-to-date training on this site.
  • We also recommend which provides not only great WordPress training but great computer training on virtually every software program you can imagine.


Your WordPress Theme: Divi

Divi logo

WordPress will operate with any of many thousands of themes that integrated and work with the site.  Many themes are free, but some of the best ones are designed by companies that sell them for use by WordPress users.  We have purchased a premium theme (Divi, designed by Elegant Themes) for use on your WordPress site.  We have already spent many hours designing your site with Divi, incorporating many features we believe you will enjoy as a Scholé Group.  Now, however, you are able to customize and modify the site you have received.  You will be able to load new photos and images, replace images, and add or change new pages.  One of the first things you will want to do is simply change the text copy on several of the pages to reflect the details of your group (like your calendar and meeting schedule!).

We selected Divi (again, the WordPress theme) for our Scholé Groups websites because it is very easy to use, yet helps to create truly beautiful websites with great features.  We also selected it because the company that created it (Elegant Themes) offers remarkable and clear training for using Divi.  Below we will link you to the online tutorials that will help you easily add content to your website and customize its features if should wish.

Divi provides extensive training for free here.

Website Support Specialists

Website Support Specialists

If you would prefer to have a website specialist assist you with setup, customization, or maintenance, please see our listing of recommended specialists here.

Website Photos and Images

We have loaded your website with royalty-free photos and images that you can continue to use however you would like.  However, you will likely want to add some of your own photos to the website, to make it better reflect your community.  Here is some advice:

  • Use a semi-professional or professional photographer if at all possible.  Someone that others have been willing to pay for photography will make a difference. You will want high-resolution photos from a digital single-reflex camera for the best quality.
  • Use an online photo editor such as (free and easy to use) to size, crop and convert your photos to JPEG format for use on your website.  Since we use a lot of slider images, you should crop your images to 1600 x 800 pixels so that they display well on the slider/banner portions of the website.  Ribbet will automatically set your image to an optimum file size for use on the web.  Thus you may upload a large, high-resolution photo to Ribbet; when you save the photo (after cropping, etc.) Ribbet will automatically convert the image to a size that will work well on the web (generally well under 1MB).
  • Using Ribbet, you can also crop photos for use in small rectangular boxes on your website—like on your photo gallery, or as featured images on blog posts.  We recommend that you crop photos to 300 x 400 pixels for this kind of use.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions describe the agreement between you, the website manager, and Scholé Groups network.

  • Scholé Groups will provide your individual Scholé Group with a fully designed website based on our template (viewable at
  • The website will be owned and supported by the individual Scholé Group and their designated web manager, including the domain name and hosting, which the group will independently purchase. The website may be used by the individual Scholé Group for as long as the group elects to remain part of the official Scholé Groups Network. If an individual Scholé Group elects to leave the network, the group leader is responsible for notifying the Scholé Groups Network and removing the website from the world wide web.
  • A designated web manager from the individual Scholé Group receiving the website will be responsible for customizing the website (i.e., providing and updating content specific to their individual Scholé Group). This web manager will be given administrative access to the site, enabling the manager to add and change content, pages, images, and navigation of the site.
  • Each individual Scholé Group website will feature a section that promotes the Scholé Groups Network and another section that promotes ClassicalU. The content of these sections may not be changed or altered by the individual Scholé Group web manager except with express written permission from the Scholé Groups Network.
  • Each individual Scholé Group site will display the Scholé Groups Network logo in the top left-hand corner. Each individual Scholé Group may also display a separate, customized logo, specific to the individual Scholé Group.